Sarah: Interdisciplinary Designer

Portrait of Sarah

Asking the tough questions

Ever since I could talk, I've asked "why". I had to understand the reasoning and context around everything, and be able to relate it to everything else I understood. Learning more, making connections, and sharing these new understandings with others drives me as a graphic interaction and motion designer. I love communicating the way I think — visually.

I obtained my Honours Bachelors Degree in Arts and Sciences from the University of Guelph, a degree which focused on creating bridges in thinking, communication, and application between the often separate methodologies of art and science. I will be graduating from Ottawa's Algonquin College Graphic Design program in 2017. At Algonquin, I used my specialties from university — Psychology: Brain and Cognition, and Studio Art — to embrace the challenge of creating cohesive solutions for every project, pairing creativity with logic for these strong and appealing solutions.

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AC50 logo on the Algonquin bridge
Inside decorating
Ottawa airport
Downtown Toronto at night

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