Digipantry App

Explainer video & logo animation designed and animated by Sarah.

A digital pantry app to assist timestrapped students in making great food from the ingredients they already have

What is Digipantry?

Many busy college students today spend more time searching in their kitchen to see what ingredients they have, than actually cooking. This innovative app automatically imports your grocery purchases into a virtual searchable pantry! Hungry? Choose what kind of meal you're looking for, and DigiPantry will only suggest recipes you have the ingredients for. It even automatically removes the ingredients you use after completing a recipe! Save time with DigiPantry, always at your fingertips and ready to help you eat.

Check out the video to learn more about the DigiPantry app.

The main screens for Digipantry
Empathy Map as a part of the conceptualizing and development process

Digipantry: From Conception to Design

Conceptualized, UX researched, and UI designed by Sarah, this helpful app went through multiple levels of user testing and the visual design is continuing to be developed.

Logo for Digipantry