Plant Life App

The app shown on a phone

What is Plant Life?

This smart planter and app duo both keep you informed on the health of your plants, as well as waters your plants immediately as needed.

The Plant Life app provides a summary of key health variables (water, temperature, sun, and soil nutrition) providing both a means to keep indoor plants healthy, and a way to learn more about your plants’ needs.

Triggered on launch, the Plant Life app assists the user in pairing their Plant Life Smart Planter to their smart device, and assists in confirming plant type for best watering and monitoring/alarm defaults.

If the user has yet to purchase on a plant, the built-in directory is able to assist them with choosing a plant to purchase that best fits the environment the user will place it in.

Dashboard of the app
The main screens for Plant Life


Users can view more in-depth details about each of the tracked variables, and toggle between overlaid graphs to see possible correlations between these functions, and learn more about their plants.

Tracked notifications can be triggered by GPS location so users never forget to pick up more fertilizer, and are reminded about refills as soon as they arrive home.

The work behind the app

The Work Behind the App

Provided with the title, concept, and personas for the app from another team, Sarah developed the features, flow, wireframes, and a mockup of the app.

Addition Features